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November 15, 2017

I fell behind on my regular blog postings, but I have still been writing little things here and there in my notebook. So i'm going to schedule a whole lot of bits of writing I did in response to my own artworks. These will be released over the next few weeks while I work to type up some longer pieces of writing. You know how I like to analyse my own work and it's meaning after I create it, and so I had a wonderful and mind-expanding time writing back-stories and mini-prose to my Inktober drawings. This year I managed to do the Inktober daily challenge, where you create a piece of art every day connected to a single word posted by the event organisers, and it has to be in ink. I am over-joyed by my productivity during October and even more thrilled by the illustrations I created. I'm thinking of turning them into a little book. That might be nice, huh? Another challenge/ goal to add to the list.


 In other news, I am so excited to announce that my first solo exhibition will take place in Six Foot Gallery, Glasgow from 9th March - 9th April 2018. This is so exciting and a little scary for me but I'm mostly so happy to feel validated by a place wishing to exhibit my colourful and psychological canvas art for a whole month. The exhibition will be called,  "In Defence of Excessive Sleeping". 


The same gallery is also hosting an "Artists Showcase" from November 23rd until the start of January, and this will exhibit a mixture of painting, illustration and sculpture, including work of those who are having solo exhibitions the following year. I will have 2 artworks in this exhibition, and I'm also really excited about this. I'm just in the first stages of taking steps into the "ART WORLD" having mostly shown my art online (and sold online) so I'm so appreciative to have been given this opportunity.


And hey! The Big Stampede came to an end a few months ago, and the auction of all the statues was held in the Hamilton townhouse at the end of September. My "rhino who dreamed" statue received quite a few bids back and forth and this was really exciting to watch! In the end, it sold for £4200 which is just incredible. In total, the statues fetched a collective £90,000 for the Glasgow Children's Hospital Charity, a great cause. It was a wonderful evening. 

 In terms of future art trails, I am of course busying up some designs for many different 2018 Wild in Art Trails! I submitted 5 designs for "GoGoHares!" in Norwich, and I will hear if I have been successful or unsuccessful by the end of November. I am also planning submissions for "Worcester Stands Tall" (giraffe sculptures) AND Hoodwinked! (a robin bird dressed as robin hood sculpture, in Nottingham). Additionally I have almost completed my 3 designs for submission to "Maggie's Penguin Parade" which is taking place in my own adopted home city of Dundee, and I immensely hope I get at least one design selected for this incredible event.

There are at least 3 more art trails after this which are in my periphery, including SnailSpace in Brighton & Hove, Snowdogs in Ashford, and Elmer's Art Parade in 2019. I would love to submit designs for all of these.


I never feel like I'm doing enough, despite having a spiralling to-do list and many opportunities and paintings to create. I have improved my mental health ten-fold in the last year or two and I hope to continue optimising my lifestyle and mind-state to minimise little breakdowns and stress, though these things are of course inevitable. This year especially has been meaningful as I was included in a public art trail, sold more art and secured my first solo art exhibition. I have real-world proof that I am moving forward in my artistic journey and what I really have to do, daily, is remind myself of that. No-one can do everything at once, so I need to stop thinking I am no-one.

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