Coffee Shop Observations I - Antennamole

August 24, 2017

"Coffee Shop Observations 1" are writings created over an afternoon on 02/03/17





I spent longer this time drawing some sort of creature with a hard outer shell and an antenna for receiving radio waves. I imagine this would come in handy, considering the fact that there are even signals bouncing around space for countless years. I don’t think any of “the people in charge” have ever been able to figure these signals out. There’s not a coherent message, just (most likely) cracking, buzzing and whistling from far off in the grand void. Of course, I like to imagine it were an actual language, one which we could never decipher. We’re just not smart enough for it. Wouldn’t that method of communication be useful? If we could side step the middle man of hand-built machinery and instead organically transmit signals ourselves. Not everyone would hear you - they’d need to know your frequency.

I imagine my antenna creature to be evolved to pick up radio waves. It lives underground as to limit the amount of signals that would clutter their head, instead choosing to re-surface every few weeks or so and see if there is anything new in the air. Anything that makes sense, or conversely, doesn’t sit right at all. It has become very finely tuned to spot irregularities, highly equipped with an advanced audio translation organ which simply deciphers all known and unknown sounds inside a tough and hardy skull.

Eyes are unnecessary when you can hear the stars talk.

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