Coffee Shop Observations I - The Couple and the Elders

August 18, 2017

"Coffee Shop Observations 1" are writings created over an afternoon on 02/03/17


4.40pm - 4.50pm


Men of faith to my left. A couple to my right. Well, I don’t know their relationship, or if one even exists. From what I learned of body language in the movies and on TV, I think it is at least heading that way. He is keen. 

 The men aren’t actually men. Maybe they are on the verge, but really they are boys in their late teens, all the way over in Scotland from the United States. They wear badges that say Elder. This is funny to me. There are two Elders, plus another unbadged man. He is skinny and, perhaps from my angle, could be confused as being a similar age to the boys. He has to be older. Facial hair and a persistent attitude. The boys seem out of their depth.

 The man touched the woman’s elbow. Slightly. Just a small extension of the finger while his other hand remains firmly on his knee. They look around, often. I think they are listening on and off to the Elders too. They both begin to check their phones, I do too, and even the non-Elder holds his phone in his left hand. An escape button, sure, but he doesn’t need one. He strikes me as a stand-up-and-go type of man. He and the Elders exchange numbers, the mood between them all seemingly pleasant, and they all leave together. As they move, a beam of light - previously blocked by the boys - now streaks across the coffee table and bounces onto my skin.

 The couple leaves just a few minutes later, and suddenly it is just me in the coffee shop, alone, but slightly warmer.




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