About Eilidh Morris


Eilidh Morris is an artist and writer born in Glasgow in 1991 and currently living in Dundee. They are a graduate of Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art & Design having studied Time-Based Art & Digital Film. Their visual artwork covers a wide range of subjects and styles, but they have a strong passion for making art involving fantasy and surrealism, nature and animals, realism and portraiture, and expressive colour use.  Years of introversion, critical thinking and mental illness have also driven them to be as honest and expressive of their imagination and thought process as possible. Recently, Eilidh's work has explored trauma, identity and the sub-conscious, and experimented with creating pareidolia art. They have also began performing stream-of-consciousness style spoken word poems which are autobiographical in nature, creating unfiltered self-portraits about experiences of abuse, overthinking and mental illness symptoms. Eilidh created their first zine this year (2019) based around the TV show "Peep Show", which is available to buy on Etsy, and is now working on many more zines based on personal sketchbooks and writing, as well as writing more spoken word pieces with an aim to performing them regularly. Another ongoing project currently being undertaken by Eilidh, is the transcribing of several large childhood/teenage-year diaries, to be published sometime in the future.

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